Competition Start Date: December 1, 2020  

First student to reach Level 30

will win a PS5 or $500 in Amazon Gift Cards!

Your Choice!


1. You must be passing our computer class in order to participate.
2. If you receive 3 behavior reports from other teachers saying you were on Nitrotype without permission and I receive an emailed copy of this report, you will get disqualified from the competition.
3. I will not disqualify anyone from the competition unless a behavior report is written up. You will be notified by email if you received a report. I will keep track of how many. 3 strikes and your out! Be careful! 
4. You can access Nitrotype throughout the day, night, weekends, etc. and on any device.  Yes, even on a cell phone! 
5. DO NOT log into another students account and change their profile name. YOU WILL GET CAUGHT!  Nitrotype can tell me exactly which computer IP address and time of day it happened.
Do not do this! We had this issue in the past and we have banned accounts!  
6. Do not complain or tell me "This person is cheating". I will not verify and look into it. If they are typing at home or in another class with permission that is fine! 
7. I will posted weekly updates (on Friday) on your bulletin board of the top typists in the lead and by level.
8. There is only ONE grand Prize this challenge. 
9. If the school closes, our challenge still continues! 
10. I expect to see you all on any scheduled Google Meets possible!